NanoBolt Lithium Tungsten Battery

Charge Faster, Last Longer, Drive Farther The Revolutionary NanoBolt Lithium Tungsten Battery puts the miracle of Nano Technology to work. 

NanoSave Technologies Inc.


Our Revolutionary NanoBolt Lithium Tungsten Battery technology improves upon existing Lithium Battery technology by adding Tungsten and Carbon Multi-Layered Nanotubes to the Anode materials. This addition of Nanotubes provides a massive new surface for ions to cling to during the recharge and discharge cycles. The recharge rates are dramatically improved and overall energy storage is increased.

NanoBolt Battery uses advanced nanotechnology to dramatically increase the storage area for ions. The Nano-scale Anode materials provide a web like nano structure for ions to cling. This greatly improves the speed of charging and the overall energy capacity.
The Tungsten and Carbon Nanotubes are bonded to the copper Anode sub-straight using our unique manufacturing process.

The finished Anode containing the
Nanotubes is ready to be cut to size for use in any Lithium Battery design.